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International Iroquois Rally 2014

We are now starting to plan a fantastic International Rally in the summer of 2014 for everyone who sails an Iroquois catamaran, or any other cat built by Sailcraft (Iroquois Mark 1 or 2, Chieftain, Comanche or Apache).

The event is the idea of Benjamin de Bie, a keen Iroquois owner who sails in the Waddenzee, and the rally is supported by the Iroquois Owners Association (

Our idea is to meet at Lauwersoog in Holland, a major yachting centre in the Waddenzee, the wonderful cruising area that lies behind the Frisian Islands. Most English-speaking sailors will know of Erskine Childers' famous book The Riddle of the Sands, which describes sailing adventures in this area before the First World War. The complex tides, shallow waters and numerous islands make it a fascinating place to explore, and of course a shoal-draft catamaran is the ideal vessel for the task. The area is very well provided with harbours and yachting facilities of all kinds, and has good links with transport services.

We also set a date for the rally: Arrival day on Wednesday, August 6, 2014  and the program will continue till Monday, August 11. 

Would you like to be involved in this event? Maybe you'd like to help us plan it?

If so, please contact us either by emailing Benjamin at: or by contacting the Iroquois Owners Association at

Martin Corrick, Chair, IOA

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